How to use Digital Marketing
during the COVID-19 crisis

Pieter-Jan Troost | May 1, 2020

Since March, chances are high you have had to rethink your entire Digital Marketing strategy. In this article, we highlight the most important tactics you will need to employ during this crisis.

Keep your finger on the pulse and stay in the know

Make every effort to understand the changing behaviours and needs of both your customers and your prospects, within the context of your specific vertical, market and product offering. Use Google Trends and Google Alerts to keep abreast of shifting consumer demand and new trends in behaviour. Be prepared to use this knowledge to react quickly to what’s happening in your vertical.

Offer your prospects useful information

Make sure that your website and other communications are up to date with your latest details. Update your Google My Business information with the latest status of your stores opening hours.

If your delivery lead times have increased, make sure you update your delivery estimates. Whatever your particular situation, be transparent and honest because potential delays in fulfilment will not only hurt your click-through rates, they will also impact negatively on your campaign profitability.


People in lockdown are spending more time than usual online and being present with your brand will create valuable opportunities. However, be careful how you position yourself in these unprecedented times. Acknowledge the new reality and show empathy and responsibility. Give your customers and prospects detailed information about your operations and reiterate that you’re there to help. Make sure you’re not perceived as opportunistic and adapt your messaging and tone where necessary. Be sure to share information about the precautions you are taking to safeguard your employees and/or customers.

Be flexible

Help customers with cancellations, refunds and customer service. If possible, lower your shipping charges, decrease the minimum order value for free delivery or allow free delivery for all purchases. This will demonstrate that your brand is sensitive to the challenges facing its customers and prepared to give something back. By responding to the crisis with something positive for you customers you also have the opportunity to drastically increase your sales and turnover.

Make use of your time to increase the quality of your marketing

If lower demand in your vertical has freed up time for your in-house employees and/or ecommerce partners, you can make optimal use of these resources to improve the quality of your marketing efforts. Now is the time to tackle those long-awaited optimisations that were parked or somehow mysteriously disappeared from the roadmap or pipeline. Leverage this period of decreased activity to get back on top faster, more agile and in better shape than your competitors once the restrictive measures are (slowly) lifted.

Areas that may need attention:

Data, Reporting & Analysis