About us

Who we are

Your omnichannel retail partner

We are an international team of omnichannel specialists, dedicated to helping brands sell directly to their end-consumers. Entrepreneurial and ambitious, we use our knowledge and experience to generate data-driven, sustainable and profitable growth for the brands with whom we work.

What we do

Growing your direct-to-consumer sales

We partner with leading and emerging brands to provide them with a direct route to their consumers, both online and offline. Our omnichannel Retail-as-a-Service model is a low risk strategy for brands to sell more products, more quickly to more satisfied customers.

Sharing your values and your strategic goals, our teams become an extension of your in-house staff.

Our services

omnichannel Retail-as-a-Service

In an increasingly complex world, our business model is refreshingly simple: we only grow when you grow. Our integrated Retail-as-a-Service model allows us to build and run digital marketing, sales and customer service solutions for premium consumer brands. By combining the right people, technology and operational processes, we help your brands sell directly to end consumers, across any channel, in an entirely scalable way.

The Full Works
If you are looking for a fully managed, omnichannel retail solution, we can design, build and operate your online and offline presence and ensure that more of your products reach satisfied customers, as we have done for international brands such as Samsonite and KitchenAid.

Choose what’s right for you
Want to improve a specific aspect of your brand’s omnichannel offering? Get in touch to find out how we can help.

I want to sell directly to end consumers. Where do I start?

We use our expertise and industry know-how to review your brand’s current online and offline presence. We then put together a bespoke omnichannel retail strategy for your business, which places your target demographic front and centre.

My online sales are just ticking over. Can you help us accelerate?

We’ll have a look under the hood of your e-commerce operations and check out how your platforms are performing. We’ll find out whether your digital marketing has been tweaked for optimal performance and, while we’re at it, we’ll take a peek at your logistics and customer care.

My customers expect a fully integrated customer experience across all my stores and digital channels. Can you help?

Using smart data and insights, we review how your business operates and look at the practical implications of introducing new solutions to improve your omnichannel customer experience.

I want to diversify my wholesale-reliant business model and reinforce my digital channels. Can you help?

We can help you reach as many customers as possible by creating the right platforms to build and manage online and offline stores.

I’m fed up with managing multiple suppliers to keep my eCommerce running. How can I simplify and reduce costs?

At Nayan, we bring together multiple disciplines to run your e-commerce business. While we work to make your business grow in a cost efficient way, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Nayan ride!